Who's got a plan?

Across Suffolk there are a number of Community Emergency Planning Groups who have either prepared or are developing their plans.  There are also anumber of others that are thinking about getting involved to make their Town, Parish or Community better prepared to respond and recover from incidents that may happen in their locality. 

To find out if your local town or village has a plan, or determine which communities near you have a plan, have a look at the Suffolk County Map  showing who has a plan and who's working on one.

 If you would like to look in more detail for your area you can view the map for East Suffolk Here, West Suffolk Here and Babergh/Mid Suffolk Here

Some of the Town's and Parishes who have completed a plan, have a redacted version that you can view, or they may have produced an information leaflet for their community telling them about the plan. You can find these by using the A-Z below, if you know the name of the Parish you are looking for.  Where there is no redacted plan, and the CEP group have given permission for their contact details of the main person responsible for that plan, they are given should you wish to contact them.