Rest Centre Forms

Please find below the forms that you will need if you are requested to set up a rest centre.  These are the same forms that are used by all the local authorities here in Suffolk. If you are not sure on how to complete these, then please book on to one of the theory sessions being run in any of the local authorities in Suffolk.  You'll find details of the courses available Here, and the content of the courses Here.  Once you have attended a theory course, it's adviseable to then book on to a practical course once a year just to keep up familiarality with the process & procedures.  This training is delivered with a mixture of local authority volunteers & community emergency planning volunteers.  Please note that the Initial Notification Form is the same form used across all agencies here in Suffolk who respond to emergencies.  We have also added the Aide Memoirs for the key Rest Centre Staff roles which you may find useful.

Rest Centre Managers Checklist Form

Rest Centre Managers Role

Reception Officers Role

Welfare Officer Role

Information Officer Role

Administration Officer Role

Initial Notification Form

Building Handover Form

Generic Risk Assessment Form

Registration Form

Temporary Exit Log

Rest Centre Follow up Form

Resource Form

ECC Message Form

ECC Message Log

Lost property Form

Rest Centre Picture Cards (Medical, Food allergies etc.)