How do we support our communities

The council is part of the Suffolk Resilience Forum and plays an active role in identifying risks within the County. 

For advice on what you can do for yourself to prepare for and respond to an incident see  what to do in an emergency page. 

During an incident the Council may be requested to provide support to the emergency services for example by opening a rest centre, supplying staff and equipment as well as assisting with community liaison through councillors.

The Council have identified a number of locations, such as village halls, which can be used as rest centres, but we are always looking to increase the number of suitable venues.  Please contact us if you feel your town or village has suitable premises that could be used as a rest centre.

If an evacuation is required, the emergency services will give you specific information on where to go and advice on what to take with you.  For example you may need to consider personal documents, medication, dietary requirements, pets etc.  If you are aware of someone who may need assistance evacuating, please inform the emergency services.

Before you leave, make sure fires are out, gas and electrical appliances are turned off and lock all your doors and windows.